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the TOO MUCH Crewneck 
Baby pink with light blue text 


Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called “too much”. Let me guess, it was an insult. A means to tell you that you are beyond normalcy, you don’t fit in their expected box. Maybe “you’re just a little too much” was a precursor for abandonment; I know I’ve been there once or twice. But who decided that too much was a bad thing? The person that looked down on you and said, “this is just too much”? Maybe it’s not that I’m TOO MUCH, maybe you’re just too little. And maybe, no, surely, I am beyond normal. And that box does not stand a chance in remaining upright. Those walls come down because I just don’t fit-but does that mean I’m too much for the box or that the box is too little for me? It all depends on how you look at it. It’s about changing your relationship to the story, a DBT skill nonetheless. Two years ago, hearing “too much” would have sent my heart sinking and an instant quick walk to the nearest bathroom, just to drown in my own borderline tears. Today, you say I am too much, I say, thank you. I wear what used to hurt me like a badge of honor-and I hope you will too. 


• 50% cotton, 50% polyester
• Pre-shrunk
• Classic fit

TOO MUCH baby pink crewneck

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